Please help! Viewing files

HI there, I have a SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I card that I just filled with a lot of pics and videos of a great snowboard trip.  I was trying to view them on my phone through the GoPro app and it wasn’t “able to get video”.  All the videos I took are 0:01 seconds long (but they’re not) So I got home and put the micro sd card into the adapter and popped it in the laptop.

I can see the files, and file sizes are big, but I can’t copy or view the files.  Windows says there is an error with the drive.

IS there any way to recover the files on this card?

I took the footage with a GoPro Hero 5 session. 

Any ideas?  PLease help!! 

if the card is being recognized by the computer you can run data recovery software to see if the data can be retrieved. there are many free and paid recovery software out there to choose from. sandisk recommends rescue pro made by LC Technologies. It is a paid app but has a free trial you can use to see if it would work. 

Hi Carlg,

I’m also a tech guy for Sandisk forum. You can try SD card data recovery software. If you go with free software, It would not recovery whole data. Paid software has the ability to recover all data as you need. Detailed Information:

Will try and will post back here.

Thanks for the response!