Knock off SD Card and corrupt files

Hi there.  I bought a SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I card from Amazon and took some footage with a GoPro Hero 5 Session. 

When I went to view my videos through the app, I was able to.  But thte second time, nothing was viewable.  It showed a bunch of thumbnail files and the videos showed all 0:01 seconds.


I read some of the reviews on the card and a couple people wondered if these are just knock off cards, and maybe that’s why my files got corupted?  So, 

1.  Can you verify a SD card is authentic?

2.  Can you revover files that were taken with a GoPro?  I’m using a program called EaseUS Data Roecovery and it seems to be finding a lot of data but the extensions are “.CHK” <– lots of these files, “.THM”, “.LRV”, “.MP4”. Anyone with tips on how to actually view these files?  It apears that I have over 11GB of files here but I don’t want to pay to get a peice of software that will just recover a bunch of broken files that don’t amount to anything useable.

Any help would be appreciated!

Try a free app:  Not just a Free to Download, Free to Try, $$$ to Actually Recover app. is free also.  This one is a little older but is totally free also:

It seems that all people have the same problem: the pesky SD-Card corruption. I read lots about backing up or restoring the card and also trying to fix the card. But I didn’t find a thread that describes what we can do to PREVENT SD-Card corruption. I’m sure there must be some “fancy” tweeks that help that the Card’s file system don’t die so quickly, ShowBox & VidMate Mobdro

Thanks Ed, I’ll go through these options right away and hope for the best!

my 32 gb card rned out to be about 59mb. i figured it was fake when i got it. got a usb micro sd adapter out of it through …ShowBoxLucky Patcher Kodi

Yes, I have read the same. To recover my videos I have used recovery software called Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery and rest still remains a mystery. even I want to know if it’s authentic. :( 

But Ellinor your suggestion costs $49.99  SPAM 

Just posted on the GoPro forum, thought I would post here.

I downloaded a bunch of programs people have suggested but on a video repair forum People were talking about this software specifically for GoPro files.  Apparently the complex way GoPro writes files gives the other software problems and like mentioned, they are all kind of pricey.

I downloaded this demo version and after the scan, I could see thumbnails of my videos…and surprisingly the price was really low…14.95 USD.  I figure I’ll roll the dice for 15 bucks.

It worked…perfectly.  And I mean perfectly.  I only used the card for a couple of days so there wasn’t a ton to recover but it got everything I recorded.

Worth every penny and then some.  If you have lost GoPro files and have tried other programs already, try this one.  It’s pretty awesome!

ONe more thing to add…I was told that my SanDisk “Ultra” (exact name at the top of this thread) wasn’t the right SD Card for the GoPro.  

Theres apparently recommended SD cards and I should have been good with the “SanDisk Extreme”, not Ultra.  Not sure if that contributed to my problem but thought Id mention it anyway.

If you have a GoPro and want to get a Sandisk SD Card, it would be good to check out the link here to help you pick (the right) SD card

Good luck!


Reads like SPAM postings to me.

HI Ed, not sure what you’re referring to as SPAM 29.90?  you’ve posted a link that has spam in the wording…but in any case, if you’re referring to my post of trying to help, no it is not SPAM.

I’m just a dude that lost some files and wanted to share my solution.  

My post as well as the other person’s post are not spam and I’d appreciate you not warping the intent of my message.  If a person has a mechanical problem with a car and they recommend a good mechanic who will charge to fix it (I’m pretty sure I don’t know any free mechanics), is that also spam?

 BTW, your first post also recommends software that costs money.  Spam?

If it looks like a duck and walks like a duck…

The mechanic analogy is interesting.  When the recommended mechanic will charge one hundred bucks to fix the problem  while another mechanic will do the same job for free, who would you choose?

If someone recommends a mechanic to you does it matter if the mechanic they recommend is their son, brother, father, or gives discounts to the recommender for each new customer they send, and they fail to mention that connection?  Would you still feel like it’s a good recommendation? 

If you feel a commercial product you use is a good option be fair and mention how much it cost you.  Otherwise, if it looks like a duck…

Hey Carlg,

If these files are important for you no freeware application or software to recovers these files. Because you already tried mannual methods. As I suggest for my personal experience to you, go with the stellar phoenix photorecovery demo version for recovery lost files that you want once the preview your files then purchase the software to download these files.


As I can see that you have bought SanDisk Ultra 64GB microSDXC UHS-I card from Amazon and you have lost all data from SD card. I think that SD card has become corrupted as it is not at all authentic. So, first you need to fix corrupted SD card and then you can easily recover the videos you have lost from SD card accidentally. If you are using Windows PC then try these steps to fix corrupted memory card:

  • Firstly go to My Computer and then select the corrupted SD card and then right click on it.
  • Next, you have to press Format option and then press Restore Device Defaults in the popup window.
  • After this, press Window key just to begin the format process.  

This may help you fix corrupted memory card in no time. But before that, make sure that you keep the backup of the data you have saved in the SD card. From there, you can restore the data from memory card. With the Restore option, somehow, you can try this memory card video recovery solution or you can also try attrib command. This command will help you view the hidden files from SD card.