Recovery of all the files and folders of 8gb Microsd card and also replacement of same

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Recently my Sandisk 8GB mirco sd card has stopped working. Suddenly the error message came in my android phone mentioning that please insert a new sd card or format the one in the slot. I have all important files of all the applications and also my data regarding my work, all photos, videos, messages and other confidential data. There is a Mobile store shop near my home, they informed that the data recovery can be done at the Sandisk service center and also it shall be replaced as it has lifetime warranty. Now I want to know that if service center can retrive my data? If no, then please provide me names of software through which I can not only recover photos but all the folders and files in it as same it was in sd card. Please help as I am not able to get any solution for same. 


if the card is still somehow detected by your computer, then you can try the recommended rescue pro software to recover the data from the card but if its not detected at all anymore the only thing you can do with the card is to contact a data recovery company or a person that has actuall hardware data recovery expierience to recover your files.

after that you can contact sandisk to request your replacement card

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Thank you for your valuable reply. But the software which Sandisk is referring is not available for free. And also it’s more costly than the price of the micro SD card. And giving the card to a data recovery company is very risky as my card has some confidential data which if shared with anyone will cause me damages. Please suggest a valid software which shall retrieve my data in the same way as it was before. Please help.


you can also try recuva as a recovery software but as it is a free software im not sure if it will be possible to recover all your files from the card.

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Thank you. Will surely try and let you know.

Hey… the software which u mentioned above failed to help me. It gave an error that it failed to detect the file system type. Can you suggest any other which is tried and helpful? Thanks in advance.


in that case these 2 were the ones that i know and can recommend that will work and recover the files from the flash storage. you can do a google search and see if you can find any other usefull software you can use to recover your files.

I personally suggest you try Free Any Data Recovery which I used to recover lost dovuments and photos from my SanDisk Micro SD card last time. I found most of my lost data. Good luck…

Hey, friend! After experiencing mobile phone Micro SD card file loss problems, I know the deleted data off from memory card could be restored back with the help of deleted data recovery software before these original SD card photos are overwritten by new photos, files and the likes on the same memory card.

So, no matter what happens, always keep this SD card away from new stuffs and go try some photo recovery software.

Honestly, last time, I have read many related articles, posts and threads and learned this. Perhaps, you may also visit these posts and learn more detailed information like:


Timely back up all restored photos well on another memory card, flash drive or hard drive 

To recover deleted files from the micro SD Card. You can go through some manual steps given below: 1.       Connect the card to the computer by using a cable or an USB drive.

  1. The card may get detected by the system.
  2. You may get this error message E:\ is not accessible. The file or directory is corrupted and unreadable.
  3. Click Start and then Run.
  4. Type cmd and then click  OK. Type the following:
  5. chkdsk [sd card drive letter] /r – It will Scan for and attempt Recovery of bad sectors
  6. chkdsk [sd card drive letter] /f – It will Automatically Fix file system errors on the disk

After completing scanning check whether you get the entire data or not if you are still not able to recover the data from the micro SD card, then you take held of the SD Card Recovery Software. This software is user friendly and recovers the entire data from all types of phone and even camera. So have a try!!

For more information:

Please be aware that you are asking a lot.

Regardless of whether the software is free or not, recovery is not certain.

That is to say the odds are you will not be able to recover 100% of the data with software.

All software that recovers data is dependent on the Memory card etc being readable.

If the card cannot be read you cannot get your data back.

The times when the data is recovered is because of a filesystem corruption where the data is still there but the directory structure has been corrupted and/or deleted.

All the recovery software is doing is reading the data sector by sector ignoring any errors that are generated when the card is accessed.

The data you get back might be corrupt still so your files are partially correct with some corruptions.

This may be OK for some files as you can correct the mistakes and errors but Photos etc when corrupt are NOT correctable.

If the data cannot be read at the *sector level* your data will not be recoverable by any software. Period.

This is when you need to use a Data Recovery Company BUT it is not 100% certain they will be able to do any better.

They will have hardware that can read the media with greater control over error correction and the ability to ignore bad data/bad tracks/corrupt tracks/missing tracks on the media.

Again the recovered data may still have corruptions as missing data cannot be recreated out of thin air.

The lesson to learn from this is do not keep important information on ANY media unless you *back it up elsewhere regularly*.

Just trying to set your expectations correctly because many people believe that ALL data can be recovered IF you find the right Software.

This is not the case no matter who you go to and how much you spend.

You will note that NO-ONE states they can 100% everytime recover ALL data, as this is impossible.

Well, it looks like your memory card got corrupted. To fix the problem read and follow the instruction mentioned here – How to Format a Memory Card on Windows/Mac?

It will help you to format memory card and also help you to restore important data stored in your 8 GB memory card.

Well, if you really want your important files back, then do not format it or else you will lose all your valuable files form it. If you want your files such as photos, videos and audio files back then I would like to recommend you to use Digital media Recovery Tool that you can download from here - How to Recover Photos from Android SD Card

However, in free demo version of the software you can check it features and also you can see the preview of the recovered files, but you need to purchase the software in order to recover photos, video and audio files from Android SD card.

With Samsung Data Recovery this professional recovery app . You can easily recover your deleted data from Microsd Card or phone internal memory . It supports recover data messages ,photos ,videos ,contacts music etc.  Moreover, the program works well many of Android brands.

RePicvid free photo recoverycould restore deleted photos for free. Though recovering videos and audio files are rechargeable,  it is cheaper than other software. Check this article to know more about photo recovery from SD card.

RePicvid free photo recovery could restore deleted photos for free. Though recovering videos and audio files are rechargeable, it is cheaper than other software. Check this article to know more about photo recovery from SD card.

Hey, can you tell me which of the software finally worked for you? I have tried all the mentioned ones in this thread and also another one caller Stellar Phoenix. I’m able to recover using Stellar but I want to know if there is a cheaper alternative. :frowning: