Is my data lost forever?

I bought a SanDisk 32gb class 10 memory card a few months ago everything was working fine until i tried to connect it to my laptop via a card reader in order for transfer some files. I tried to access the card but i got a message that the card cannot be read by windows because it’s in RAW format (Faulty card reader) i was also prompted to format the memory card. I ran a disk error check which failed because of the RAW format. I stopped using the card immediately, after hours of scouring the internet for a solution i finally decided to format the memory card then attempt a recovery using a data recovery softwares (biggest mistake of my life). I formatted the memory card then tried various recovery softwares (easeUs, recuva, mini partition, SanDisk rescue pro, stellar phoenix photo recovery etc) but non found anything on the card. It would have been possible to recover my files if i attempted recovery before i did the format but i already made that mistake so please guys i really need help on how to get back my data. NB: I cannot afford to send it to a data recovery company.


I understand that you would like to recover the files from your card but none of the recovery softwares found any data and you cannot afford the data recovery company.

In this case the only thing you can do is to try your own data recovery of the card. So ou can check online for the correct pins to connect some wires on the card and attemt a hard recovery of the data inside the chip of the card.

If possible you can contact a private person that is familiar with the voltages so the card gets not damaged during the process.

good luck.

Agreed. From my perspective, I think contacting a computer technician would be your options here since they have ways on their own that might increase your chances of recovering those important files.