How to rescue my Micro SD card photos?

I have a Micro SD card that is used to store some newly taken photos within my Cannon camera. However, recently, as attempting to upload my photos to my computer, I just deleted a folder that was full of precious photos. Is it possible to rescue them all back? How? Please, help me!

You may use a data-recovery software to retrieve your lost photos. Try RescuePRO.

That’s why you should always be careful about your card data and always back up everything important well on different cards or places. So, I hope you can learn a valuable lesson after experiencing this trouble.

But, right now, act carefully to rescue all your last photos back:

Firstly , do not add anything new on this Micro SD card in case that any new file overwrites your deleted photos.

Secondly, insert this card to your computer.

Thirdly , rescue all your deleted photos back with a data recovery tool. Have you ever used similar tools before?

If you are not so familiar with such tools, you can firstly take chances with some data recovery freeware like:

Fourthly , save and back up all restored data on another drive or card in case of any data recovery failure.

I hope my words can help you out!

Just relax!! Here is an appropriate software named Remo Recover to restore deleted files and folders including different photos and videos. It is very effective to recover all types of images including raw files from SD memory card.

Thank you for your nice help,  Arvintr465

I have restored all my wanted data back by following your steps. The mentioned data recovery freeware also work very well on my card.

Thank you very much!!! 

Hi folks, HELP!

   I  have a similar problem with my micros SD 8  gig memory card. i lost photos and music. need to recover them. big problem I is get anerror code when i put the card in the computer. code is: 0x8000000a . I was listening to one of my music tracks from the card , and the card froze(was on my phone. the prompt on the phones said the card has stopped do you want to wait or stop, i said stop and that is when the data disappeared. will this software help recover? but the computer cannot access the card?  any help would be appreciated. rreally want this data back!

I recently also fins this article may also give you some clues:

Thank you for your nice help! I recently even have found a video tutorial of your mentioned recovery software to help my brothers save his wanted phone card photos:

Thank you very much!!!