How can I access my Camera photos?

My camera Micro SD card seems corrupted in my camera. And when I check it on my laptop, a message pops out and asks me to format it. So, in order to make it work as before, I just choose “yes” to format it immediately. Now, the card can work functionally both on camera and computer. However, I just want to know whether I can access the lost photos on this camera card again. Some of these photos have only one copy. Do you have any solution for me? Thanks!

Maybe. If you haven’t wtitten any more files to the card, you can try one (or more) of the recovery software programs out there.

Obviously, your Micro SD card is not really corrupted. But, for the stored card data, you may also have to take chances with some data recovery tools like 4Card Recovery, Recuva, iCare Data Recovery Free, etc.

Note : Never write new file on this card in case of overwriting.

Also never save restored files on this formatted card after data recovery in case of data loss.

All right! Formatted Micro SD card files are not so difficult to restore. In fact, I have ever also formatted my phone memory card by chance and some precious photos are lost. But, finally, I have successfully restored my lost card files with 4Card Recovery.

I still can remember its special “Photo” recovery mode. So, it may help you out, too. Next time, always back up card data well timely.