How to access my photos?

8GB camera memory card gives a message saying: “The card is not formatted. Do you want to format it now?” Any time I try to open it, this message would pop out. So, I just cannot view any files inside it. But, I need to use several photos stored there to do my things. So, I came here and hope I can find a solution to access these photos quickly. Do you have any idea? Help me, please! Thanks!

Have you accessed your card photos? Have you formatted this memory card?

If not, you can try some data recovery tools like 4Card Recovery, Recuva, PhotoRec and the likes to scan your card and find your inaccessible photos back.

Of course, to increase the possibilities of complete data recovery, I hope you can firstly stop using this card and also do not format it anyhow.

Caution: You should learn a habit to timely save all card photos or files on your backup drives or storages.

Here is an article that could guide your data recovery process:

Good luck! 

By the way, worst case scenario, if ever this got infected, reformatting this would also fix it too. 

Ok! All right! To access your camera card photos are not as difficult as you think. What you should do right now is also simple.

Keep card away from any new files.

Download a data recovery tool to take chances like:

And then, save and back up all restored photos on another drive or card in case of data loss.

Note: Never save all important or previous camera photos on only one card again.



That’s why one is always suggested to save all card or drive data on different places or locations.

But, now, in order to decrease the difficulty of data recovery, you’d better not overwrite or format this memory card.

And then, download a card data recovery tool like 4Card Recovery, iCare Data Recovery and Recuva, etc, to scan your card and find all your wanted photos back.

PS: Never forget to save at least two copied of everything important on different places again.