card missing photos but space still used

I have a 16gig card that is not showing any of the photos I took.  I know the card was not fomratted becasue it reads as having 13gigs being used.  So I know the information is on the card but no computer or camera I try to use shows them. 

Try Rescue pro or PC Inspector to recover your files.

Before you use any recovery programs, make sure your photos are not lost actually. I suggest you try the card in more devices like mobilephones, computers or other digital cameras, see if your photos can be viewed. If still you can’t view them properly, then there is a possibility your photos are deleted, try photo recovery programto see if they can be recovered. If you are using Mac OS, turn to photo recovery for Mac. And before your phtoos are back, no more photos taken with your camera. Hope the information be helpful.

Memory cards usually throws up such errors. However, this does not mean that all your photos have been deleted permanently and you cannot get them back. it is just that you need to download a photo recovery software immediately to retrieve deleted photos, as delaying the recovery process might lead to permanent loss of your photo.

If your card is not showing the pictures then it means that it has been deleted or lost from the memory card. But you do not bother, as you can easily retrieve lost and deleted pictures with the help of genuine Stellar phoenixpicture recovery software. It is a strong algorithm based software which can performs picture recovery within few easy steps only. So just try it.

Were there any changes made since you got this issue? Also try to view hidden folders.  

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I have encountered the same problem before, my experienced might be helpful to you. Try using a window 7 OS, it has a search bar on the top right corner of the form when you open your flash drive, but you need to know the file name of the pictures you are recovering,maybe you try typing “.jpg”  on the search box, and if pictures appeared, copy it and paste  into another location and thats it. Hope it helps.

The symptom as you mentioned implies that of card corruption and you are right that inaccessible photos are able to get retrieved but it need efficient photo recovery software so as to get back entire lost photos.


It’s also worth noting that the longer you leave it to try recovering the deleted files, the smaller the probability of it being recoverable, as they can be (partially) written over.


You can recover the lost photos from the memory card by using good memory card recovery software.

Download the Remo Recover (Windows) Media edition software and install it in your computer. Connect your card to computer and recover the lost photos from the card.

Your inaccessible photos can be recovered using photo recovery software. If you are using Mac Operating System then you must use Mac photo recovery software. Mac digital photo recovery can be done very easily using Remo Recover (Mac) - Basic Edition software. In order to try out this software download and install demo version of this software in your system. In demo version itself you can view recovered photos using preview option.

If your photos are missing from your card, then do not panic. Now professional picure recovery sofware is available which can easily retrives lost and deleted pictures. The software can also perform photo recovery for Mac.

I’d recommend that you follow this step by step guide: sandisk file recovery

quite easy to follow, should be able to help you.

In my personal experiences, your problem could be resolve in these three ways:

1). Try to unhide these files.
According to your description, your card photos may be hidden anyway. Try to show them all up again:
Start => Run => Type in “control folders” and press “OK” =>Click “View” and hook “Show hidden files and folders”=> Press “OK”.

2). Scan your card with antivirus tool
Sometimes, the virus also would hide the photos and make them invisible. So, just try to scan this card with your installed antivirus tool on your c. (You should take care not to delete some needed photos or files in the process.)

3). Restore your files back by using a photo recovery program.

This problem also could be caused by the card problems. So, in order to save your card photos back, you can apply a this party data recovery program to take chances, especially some efficient data recovery freeware like 4Card Recovery, iCare Data Recovery Free, Recuva and TestDisk, etc.

Note : In the future, in case of similar problems, you’d better back up all important data at least on two hard drives or cards.