Reformatted card and then it didn't store any new pictures


Can someone please help me figure out if it’s possible to recover photos from my SD card. I reformatted the card before taking my camera out for a photo shoot. I took pictures and reviewed them while shooting, but when I got home there were no pictures. All the pictures I had taken from the day were gone. They didn’t show up on the camera or on the computer. The only pictures that are on the card are old ones that should have been removed after I reformatted the card. I did two deep scans with SD card software and still couldn’t find them. 

Can anyone offer any other advice or help that might help me recover the photos? 


are you sure this is the card the pics were taken on. if the recovery software finds older pictures but not the ones from your latest shoot either the pics were not actually saved on that card or possible some issue with the camera. 

Yes, it is very much possible to recover photos from the memory card. Sandisk has some photo recovery solution as far as I know. And if none of that works, Try Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, this one worked for me.