What to do for recovery of lost pictures from damaged memory card?

My memory card is damaged accidentally. Can anyone suggest me what to do for lost pictures or other files recovery from damaged memory card?

Take or send) it do a professional data recovery service. Based on the “damage” to the card, they may or may not be able to retreive your pictures/files, but I doubt you’re going to be able to do anything on your own. Note though, that these services are not cheap, so you’re going to have to decide whether the cost is worth it to you.

You need to try Memory card data recovery software of prodatadoctor(dot)net. It might be helpful to recover your lost pictures from damaged memory card.

I assume by “damaged acidentally” the OP is referring to physical damage to the card. If this is the case, then recovery software is not going to help. Professional assistance would be the way to go. And even then, they may not have success.

Don’t panic, you can get back your photos. Scan your memory card with photo recovery tool. I suggest you to use Amrev recovery software…