Replacement Cover for Sansa Fuze?

The body of my Sansa Fuze is heavily scratched, even chipped after a couple of drops(I must commend Sansa though - it still works mostly without issue, jack still works alright and everything). 

I was wondering if it was possible to simply get a replacement for the cover. Not an additional one to put on top of it, but to actually replace that one.

I have the Red model. It was quite good looking when I first got it. 

You could probably find a non-working one fairly cheap on eBay. Then you have to open your original one without breaking anything.

Is that particularly difficult?

Also one that’s broken will probably be scratched. The Fuze isn’t too expensive to replace, but it seems silly to do so when it works fine. Unless I upgrade to a newer/better model with more features. i may just get a cover to go over it. But I want one that looks decent. 

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I keep mine in a silicone skin, which you can find on Amazon or through cell-phone accessory stores. Mine is a Kroo but there are other manufacturers. It prevents them from getting scuffed up in the first place.

Look at the photos on eBay to see if they’re beat up.