Sansa Fuze Screen Broken? Can I replace?

Hi there,

About a year or so back, my Fuze screen stopped working.  I did dismantle the Fuze (it was past warrenty anyways) and discovered the screen is replaceable.  My working theory is that I kept my Fuze in my pocket too much when working and the screen got mashed because it actually works pretty good when I loosen the cover a bit.

However, this isn’t a permanent fix and I tried out the new Sansa Clips (and I hate hate hate them) so I was wondering if anyone has experience replacing the screen and if this seems to fix the problem if it is not related to firmware updates/device getting old.  I really love this player and would love to refurbish it so that I stop trying to load my GBs worth of music to my phone.

Not to say replacing the display screen on a Fuze isn’t possible, but there are some obstacles . . .

1.) Finding one to replace yours with. Your best bet is to buy a DOA unit off somebody on eBay, for example. There is no outlet for replacement parts. Of course you run the risk of that screen being dead too.

2.) Actually replacing the screen. Yes, it has a ribbon cable connector so it just plugs in but . . . the wires in that cable are smaller than a human hair, and there’s a bunch of them. The ribbon cable is very fragile and the wires within it even more so. So likelyhood of breaking one or more of them during the removal or replacement process is quite high.

You might be beter off trying to find a working/refurbished one on eBay or some other outlet. Of course, being discontinued for so long and a very desirable palyer (compared to the newer models) means those who have them for sale will be asking a premium price for them.

Good luck . . . let us know what you decide and how it goes. :smiley: