Repantant for buying this player

Hi everyone, I bought this player buy I’m already repentant. No lock button, can’t make a playlist (m3u, m3u8,…Nothing works) no firmware update, can’t play all musics from a folder, meh. My last player was a Sansa Clip+, and gave 10-0 to this Sport. Can Sansa Suppor say something about this please?

The Clip Sport does have fewer features on it. It also costs less. If it doesn’t fit your needs or wants, return it and buy a Clip+ or Zip.

Great solution thanks…


So I can’t play a playlist? No possible firmware updates? Can’t play all songs from a folder? No lock button possible?

It JUST CAME OUT–give it some time for a firmware upgrade.  This is not Amazon Prime 2-day delivery, for heaven’s sake.  :wink:

Of course you can play all songs from a folder.  Why do you think you can’t?  Are some of your files in an incompatible format?

Playlist creation:   Seems pretty logical and easy to me.  And of course you can then play it.

As to a lock button:  do you actually use it and have you had an issue not having it here? 

And then, again, as Tapeworm notes, you still have other options:  the Clip Zip anf the Clip+.

To firmware I’ll wait of course. How can I play all songs from a folder? I choose the folder and enter on it…Don’t let me play all folders and songs I have there…I just create a playlist on format m3u and says “File format not supported”. The lock button of course I miss that. Because the buttons are to sensible, on my pocket when I workout, I change music unwittingly for example…