Need help ASAP!

I have sandisk clip sport that only plays .cem file songs. It is totally stripped down and restrictied from cdcr. How do I get it to play mp3 files in a folder? It has an XML file, musicbmk.bmk, and some other files on the SD card they sent with it. My email is {removed}. I know it can play mp3 files because guy already did it but is not sharing info. Hater!!! Please help. Need more music. Firmware is 1.07. Hope to chat and thank you

Have you tried if the player will do the normal firmware update procedure ? There’s always a thread at the top of this forum with the most recent firmware and instructions on how to do the update. That could overwrite whatever restricted firmware you have on the player now.

Tried and comp won’t read. The other guy might be doing it from SD card. So I hear. Two diffrences, 1. The offset minuets on open one is 480, mine is 420 on XML. Also his is 1007b and my XML is 1000. Still need help in here. Thanks

You mean the computer can’t read the internal storage, just the SD card ? It won’t look for the firmware file on the SD card, i just tried. From the Settings menu -> System settings you can format the internal storage, maybe that will make it accesible again ?

Can’t access internal from clip sport. It’s restricted. Want pics?. I’ll send em all. Tell me what u want to see

It looks like there is no way to replace the firmware, there is a guide for the “Sansa” player, but nothing for the Clip Sport it seems. Also a few posts on this forum about the locked down firmware, didn’t see a solution besides sending it in somewhere to replace the firmware, maybe check those posts too (“BOP” in the title)…

Didn’t find anything on how to get it to play MP3s either, kind of sounds to me like this firmware should refuse to play them in any case, because that seems to be whole point of it ?

Good luck, have been in many similar situations spending countless hours trying to get some old device to work again, maybe sometimes it’s better just to ditch it.

Your dilemma is not difficult to overcome, even for an inmate in the CDCR, which I’m guessing you are. First, download an app called “My Playlist Creator.” You’re also going to want to download an app called “File Manager” and “Resize Me.” File Manager will allow you to browse your files on your contraband cell phone much easier. Take some time to make sure each file is properly named. I suggest “artist - song.” Doing this will save you so much aggravation down the road, when you’ve got thousands of files to work with. Separate your mp3s into their respective album folders, and put each folder into its respective genre folder. Hence, Orion, by Metallica and on their Master of Puppets album, would be called “Metallica - Orion,” and would be in the folder called “Master of Puppets,” which would be in a folder called “Heavy Metal.” Again, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Now, open your Playlist Creator and choose the parent folder that contains all of your music, not the subfolder. Next, choose a name for your Playlist. Add your music to it by navigating to each file and clicking on it and then select “Generate Playlist” and put it in the parent folder.

If you want album art to be displayed, you’ll have to use the Resize Me app to reduce the size to 200x200 pixels and reduce the resolution to about 75 dpi. Anything more than 20kb in size or physically larger than 200x200 might not show up. Once this is done, paste a copy of the picture into each the folder containing the music it will be displayed with, keeping in mind that it will be displayed for every song in that folder. (Now you know why you put everything I to separate folders, so you could display more pictures.) Once there, you HAVE to rename the picture to “Folder.jpg”

Once you’ve finished, delete all files outside of the folders containing your music, ESPECIALLY the folders named “Android” and LOST DIR" Go to settings and eject your SD card (never just pull it out). While it’s doing that, hold the power button down on your Sandisk for 15 seconds. It will boot up, shut down and stay off until you take your finger off the button. Let it start up, shut it down and do it again, but this time, when it shuts down, and before you remove your finger from the power button, insert your SD card. When it reboots, it will rewrite your deleted files. NOTE: It may take a few minutes and you can speed the process up by removing the .cem files.

When it boots up, do NOT try to open any files. Shut it off and restart it. When it’s fully loaded, shut it down and restart it again, and now you can play your mp3 files without any issues, and without a limitation to how many files you can add to your list.