Sansa Clip sport - very dissapoining player

Hello all,

Just bought a new player few weeks ago, but unfortunately I’m very dissapointed:

1. The volume is very very low! even after I accept the warning and take it to the end… 

2. The earphones are always slipping from my ears.

3. The music quality is bad!! i even changed the earphones but the music are so bad quality.

bought it for running and gym but its definetaly not good enough for it.

Is there something i can do?

I upgraded the version to the most updated one, no change.

I want to send the item back but don’t have the reciept. 

I’d like to send it back and get a refund. any suggestions?

Thank you


A few suggestions:

  1. For “Region”, try North America (or Rest of The World). First, you may need to use the Restore command to reset the player…

  2. For louder volume. try  Settings -> System Settings -> Volume -> Normal. (seems to be the opposite of the Jam)

  3. Try my personal choice setting for Equalizer -> Pop.

  4. In my opinion, the noise-canceling earphones supplied with the Sport are pretty good. When I use them outdoors, I push the soft rubber tips a bit deeper into my ears to improve the noise cancelling and enrich the bass tones.

  5. And just to verify, are you describing your problems with the Clip Sport or the Clip Jam ??  

    In my opinion, the round & hard ear buds that come with the Clip Jam have a low volume and fall out easily.


Maybe report back here with your results?

unfortunately you have right.

All new sandisk mp3 playre are poor.

i.e. structurally are good and even better than previous ones. But software are very poooor.

If you use for audiobooks you can’t even add one bookmark!!!

There is problem with the number of files :0 We have 21 century and here you have limitations to 2000 or 4000 files :0

Sandisk SHAME ON YOU!!!

You can’t display actual hours on display.

Helpdesk told me, that is no problem, you can go to setings>time and then you can check current time. BUAHAHAHAHA.

Sandisk SHAME ON YOU!!!

Sandisk you produce very well mp3 players but your software is unacceptable.

In old mp3 players evryone could change/add rockbox - this is good software, veeery goood.

But in new sandisk mp3 players:

SanDisk Clip Sport Plus

SanDisk Clip Sport

SanDisk Clip Jam

unfortunately is no way to add rockbox and oryginal soft is veeeery poooor :frowning:

Please release your IT programers (freeloaders) and e.g. take the rockbox soft to new mp3 players, it will be cheaper for you and better for customers and probably the sale will increase immediately.

Think about it, please.

Thank you for answering.

DFELD, couldn’t find this system setting volume or region, I guess because it sansa sport.

I cheked every menu inside, I feel that I’m wasting my time for that junk.

About the earphones, I agree but maybe I was so disspointed so it doesn’t really matter…




SO if you wan that piece of S**T before I’m throwing it to the garbage, just message me and I’ll send that crap to you free (just shipping cost).

Bye Bye Sandisk