Any Clip+non Sandisk alternative players? Don't want to spend $150 for a new Clip+

I have been buying and using Clip+ players for many years. Now that the Clip+ is no longer manufactured and new ones cost more than $150, I am looking for alternatives. I tried the Jam and was disappointed with the fact that its lowest volume setting was too loud for me. I listen to very low volume music when I am reading or working. The Clip+ didn’t have this problem.

There are too many 1 star reviews for the Sandisk Sport and I am concerned it will have the same Jam issue. So unless I pay $150 for a new Clip+, Sandisk players are no longer an option for me.

Any alternatives for a good mp3 player in the same form factor as the Clip+? Small, lightweight and functional. I care about two features. Must be able to bookmark and the lowest volume setting must be very low. The first setting in the Jam was too high. 
I use the device also for podcasts and I need to be able to stop, turn off the player and be able to resume at a later time.

I use my phone with the app Folder Player Pro. 

A phone is bulky and not light weight. If they were feasible as an mp3 player for everyone, there would be no physical mp3 players and no Sandisk mp3 players and this forum wouldn’t exist.

Agreed, but most likely you are carrying it anyway.  At least I do. 

I don’t carry it all the time. I have a big 6.5" phone. People use a lightweight player when they are jogging, running and such. Plus a small player is easy to operate with one hand. I listen to podcasts when I drive and I can delete and select another podcast with the clip. Hard to do with a phone and then I have to find the player app, switch to it and it’s just not a convenient experience.
I specifically mentioned my requirements and there were specific reasons for them. 

OK, then how about headphones with a volume knob and your existing Jam? 

I have a Clip Sport and the volume is inaudible even before I reach the minimum setting.

Further to fredtal’s suggestion you can also get an inline volume control to use with existing headphones.

@fredtal wrote:

OK, then how about headphones with a volume knob and your existing Jam? 

I have a separate volume knob which can go with any earbuds. It’s a solution for now. I use earbuds not headphones.