Sansa Clip + vs Sansa Clip Jam?


I have found that in my country both cost about $45. Both are 8GB. The + seems way more popular, but I guess it’s much older…

So which one is better and in what way? Does sound quality differ? What about the headphones coupled with them?

Lastly, can I use Apple EarPods with either?

If you need a longer battery life, the Jam.  Otherwise (or even if you would like longer battery life), please strongly consider the Clip+.  The Jam has many restrictions due to its use of a different microprocessor:  file number limits in the database, a severe limit to the length of display names, and otherwise.  Also, should you wish, you can add the powerful alternate firmware Rockbox to the Clip+, not so the Jam.

The iPod buds will work with either–the only thing that won’t work is Apple remote control operations (such as play/pause, volume, etc.). 

One limitation:  if I recall correctly, the Clip+ doesn’t play aac files–MP3 and others, yes.

Hope this helps–

Hi all,

I know I’m a little bit late with my reply, but I need to say this for all the people who are thinking about these sansa clips, it might help :wink:

I bought a sansa clip + about 7 months ago at Conrad electronics in Germany and really loved it - it’s a wonderful player who does exactly all the things that you expect it to do, without any problems at all. Last week I was walking in heavy rain and it got wet and didn’t work any more. I waited some days, but no function returned. It was recognized by my computer and could be charged, but the display was dead, so it was unusable. As it was still under warranty, I brought it back to Conrad, either to repair it or get a new one. There they told, thet it’s no longer produced by sandisc and they got not one left in store and recommended me the follower, sansa clip sport. Now the problems began: This sansa clip looks nicer, but has two heavy issues: The headphones - and other headphones too, are not even loud enough when you’re walking along a crowded street or are sitting in a bus or a tram, even when you choose the maximum loudness. When you load mp3s - audiobooks or albums on the player - it will change the order of the titles, it for example starts with title 10 and plays title 1 as number 10 - and don’t think this has something to do with wrong tags or such things - i hasn’t, I checked this all. This is no fun if you want to listen to an audiobook, and not if you want to hear an album in the correct chronology, most artists think about what they are doing when they produce album tracks.

To tell a long story short, I brought the clip back to Conrad and got me money back, cost me onley 10 € for the subway, haha.

I want the sansa clip jam on ebay and bought it for quite a good price, 34 €, and got it a few days later, good condition, original packing, nice. First test was the loudness - definitively better than the sport clip, though not as loud as the clip +. Then I loeded it up with an mp3 album - perfectly tagged - and an audio book. And it drove me mad, the same problem with the chronology as the sansa clip sport! I googled a lot and couldn’t find any decent solution in the web - I don’t find suggestions like making a playlist for every album or audiobook or changing tags for every mp3 file not very helpful, I’m not so young any more.

So, folks, if you have a solution for these things, let me know and hold tight to your sansa clip +, if you are lucky to have one,all the other plaers are buggy!

Europe has volume restrictions. If you go back to Settings/System/Reset and choose  All Regions you’ll get more volume.

Your track number tags need leading zeros: 01, 02, 03.  Sansas read the first digit first, which is why you get it playing, 1, 10, 11.

There is free software (in German, too!) called mp3tag that will do it easily.

or in English :

Download the file mp3tagsetup (whatever version), not the other download buttons on the page.

When you install it allow itself to be added to context menus.

Under Tools set its Write to ID3v2.3 ISO-8859-1. The ISO is how Windows displays the alphabet, as opposed to UTF on Apples.

Right-click on your audiobook folder that’s not playing in order and  choose mp3tag to open it.  Click on the Track number header to display the tracks in order, top to bottom (make sure they are not flipped!)

CTRL-A to highlight all of the files.

Tools/Auto-Numbering Wizard/Leading Zeroes.

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The Clip Jam is built around the same platform as the Clip Sport. They are basically the same except for the smaller screen and shorter battery life of the Clip Jam. the Clip+ has a much more powerful processor than the Clip+ or Clip Jam.