Which one has better sound quality, sansa clip+ or sony walkman a729

i got both a:

-sansa clip+ with a 16gb micro sd 

-sony walkman a729 16gb

im having a hard time deciding which one to sell, do any of you have experience and can tell me which one has better sound quality. because with my current earphones i can’t tell, but i plan to get a good ones after i sell one.

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You need both devices and good sensitive phones to make the difference. Also some players sound better if you tune up the EQ. It depends on the user opinion and personal taste. I can tell the Clip is one of the best, you already get top quality. Nobody can’t help telling which is better, there are other factors you need to have in mind: size, gb size, battery life etc.

Get some music made on acoustic instruments: piano, strings, horns, drums (not drum machine). Maybe a Norah Jones album, or a classical orchestra, or rock from the 1960’s.  This is because acoustic sounds are very complex, and you have an idea of what the real instrument is supposed to sound like. 

Put the same file on both units.

Make sure the volume is the same as you play them back.

Borrow some better headphones if you can, but even using yours should be OK in a quiet place. 

Then listen carefully. Which sounds more realistic? Which sounds richer?  Which has more depth? Which lets you hear the individual instruments more clearly? Listen especially to a piano or a human voice or a saxophone, because those sounds are rich enough to reveal flaws in the playback.