Sansa Clip + or Sansa Clip Zip

Hey everyone, 

  I’ve been researching Sandisk MP3 players lately since I need a new MP3 player. I really like the whole concept of the Sansa clip + and sansa clip zip especially since I workout. But I just dont know which one to choose. Which one would you all say is better? Also is the clip at the back stronger in one model or the same in both model? Would really appreciate your advice before I buy one. 


The zip is newer, colour screen, more pixels, handles more files, longer battery life, brighter and more colour options, use micro-usb instead of the mini one (no devices these days use mini any more), better music quality. 

So the choice is obvious.

also forgot to add, the pricing is virtually the same. This is a no brainer really. 

Actually, I prefer the buttons on the Clip+.  I find them heartier and less likely to inadvertence.

While the Zip does indeed have a larger, color screen it is extremely low-res and pixelated. It’s virtually worthless for seeing any album art, and even sometimes hard to read the text on it.

And no, it does not have any higher sound quality. The clips themselves are very similar; I doubt if one is any stronger than the other. I personally, also prefer the button pad on the Clip+ over the Zip. As the buttons extend all the way to the side of the casing on the Zip, it’s just too easy to accidentally press either the FF & REW button while simply grabbing it to remove it from your belt, pants, or whatever it is clipped too.

The Zip does have a couple of nice features that the Plus model does not though. One of which being the RDS feature on the FM Radio that displays (if the station is broadcasting it) the station call letters and track info on the song playing. That’s nice . . . if you happen to listen to the radio a lot . . . and if the station does its part. :stuck_out_tongue:

Not really an obvious choice at all. Different people have different preferences and priorities.

A crucial difference in the Zip is that it will play AAC files, making it easier for people who have a library of songs bought via  iTunes and don’t want to convert them all to mp3. (Although you can easily convert to mp3 in iTunes, it probably degrades quality somewhat). 

But the Zip still can’t play the older, DRM iTunes files.  People who got stuck with .m4p files still have to convert them to mp3.  I suspect some of them are the ones writing the Amazon reviews saying “my music won’t play.”  For those considering the Zip as an AAC player, check first to see what kind of files iTunes sold you.

which is better for rockbox implementation?

Aside from the screen and buttons, they’re essentially the same device, so there is not much difference for Rockbox. Some people say that the USB driver is a bit less buggy on the Clip+, but I haven’t noticed that.

I think I do like the display on the Clip+ a little more than the Zip though.

@financialwar wrote:

which is better for rockbox implementation?

You may want tto check out the “themes” (interface looks) at Rockbox and see if you like the looks developed for the different players. 

Something’s wrong with that link, MM. Even though it reads correctly.

Let’s see if this works.

(Thanks!  For some reason, the link seems to have the url x2 . . . .)