matching IEM (under 75 USD) and Headphone (under 150 USD) for sansa clip plus from UK

Dear sansa clip plus owners,

Hello to all,

My first post in this forum.

Well after reading tons of rave reviews over net, I have finally decided to go for a sansa clip plus (8GB) .I am from India and it is not available here on stores. So I have requested one of my friends who is currently in UK to get one for me. Here I need your valuable suggestions on some of the points.

  1. Whether IEMs or headphones would be better for my sansa clip plus as I would be mostly using it during travel and long journeys?
  2.   If you suggest IEMs, what are your views about Sony’s XBA-3 for sansa clip plus??If any better matching IEMs pls. let me know.                       Budget within  75  USD
  3. I also want to have a good matching headphone which I will be using at home. How about Sony’s MDR-XB900 & MDR-XB900?         Budget within  150 USD

I have mentioned products from Sony only as there are available here on stores .

However if there are options for a matching IEM or headphone from reputed brands like Audio Technica ,Grado, Denon, Klipsch  etc. I would love to own them as I consider spending on a good headphone as an investment.

I mostly listen to rock, jazz and classical. Clarity and deep accurate bass are of utmost importance to me.

Waiting for your valuable inputs.




You’ll probably find a lot more useful info and opinions over on the AnythingbutiPod forums. They have a dedicated headphone board with reviews and discussions and many of the members have (or have had) numerous different headphones themselves.

If anything, you may be even more confused after browsing all the different opinions, etc. but there is some good info hidden there too. You just have to wade through all the arrogance to find it. :wink:

The most important thing to remember is not everyone hears the same nor do they have the same preferences in how their music ‘sounds’. So just because someone else says, Brand X, Model YZ is the best, you may not think so. The topic is very “subjective” (to personal opinion and bias). Plus the fact of where you are may influence your choice as to what is available.

Really, the Clips will work with most phones–just try the phones that you like.