so very disappointed!

just bought a clip sport after my clip plus died after 3 years of constant and often rigorous use!

i honestly thought, reading the official info from sandisk that i was moving forward … only had it a day and this has been proved so wrong… i wish i had bought another clip plus!

where do i start? (note, i have updated firmware to 1.22)

  1. screen - poor, text tiny, no use to anyone with less that pewrfect vision. poor ‘cartoon’ graphics. why no text size option?

2: podcast ‘support’ - not anywhere near as good as clip plus… only way i can get podcasts to work as before (e.g. continue play from last point option) is to put them in the ‘audiobooks’ folder.

3: every so often i get prompted to choose location after switching on!

4: folder layout… seems to be in ‘last added’ order… why not alphabetically as in older sansa devices? why no choice in menu?

enough for now, i’m sure i’ll find more ‘suggestions for improvements’.

steve g.

So is there anything preventing you from returning the Sport and buying another Clip+ or Zip instead? :confounded:

The Sport model is a limited-feature player; not at all like previous models. And the latest Clip Jam seems to be even more limited. No, not many people like that, but WE don’t run SanDisk. They must have good reasons behind this strategy.

economics, that’s the reason, obviously! and it would have cost nothing to a: make it work properly with podcasts and b: text size choices.

maybe a firmware upgrade, but i doubt it as it’s not part of 1.22 and it’s a problem others have complained about.

apologies, didn’t realise YOU weren’t part of sandisk… but i’m suprised they let you use their logo!

as for return… it was bought in the uk and brought over to me as a gift in spain, return is difficult.