MP3 file is not playing


I own a Sansa Clip with latest Firmware 01.01.18E and have a mp3 file which runs perfectly on PC but is not starting on the Sansa Clip. When I start the song on the Sansa Clip I hear a short noice in the earphones and that’s it. Also the time display shows no further playing. I even have completly new retagged the file’s ID3 information because I read in the forum about issues with this. But no sucess for playing. Also when I completly remove the ID tag infos from the mp3 file it still doesn’t play on the Sansa Clip.

It seems the firmware has a problem coz after selecting this mp3 file for playing, the Clip behavior is slower in reacting for key input. Maybe I can upload the file somewhere to be analysed by Sandisk developers.

Best regards, Rudolph

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18E or 18A?

If you keep getting problems just call sandisk tech support and see if you can get the default firmware.


it’s the firmware version 18E. (Clip --> Systeminfomation)
I think the “E” stands for “European” version and that’s correct for me.


Try doing an internal format on the player. settings>>>format i believe. The clip does have some funky issues if you don’t do an internal format. GL

Thanks, for the suggestion to format the Clip. But it doesn’t help. A format would only fix filesystem related errors.

It seems to be a faulty handling of the mp3-file within the firmware of the Clip.


so, you used mp3tag and followed directions to redo the info?  and its just the one file causin probs?
pretty much any probs are fixed by using it if its definetly bad tag…i have fixed a cpl songs that the tags looked fine by just redoing in that app.   any other issues can be fixed w/ at most formatting from pc, then format from clip itself.  also, since fm is disabled in E version, why would you want to use that FW?  anything is fixed by finding the rite hoops to jump thru. i wanna know what fixes your prob.

I received the file from Rudolph and SanDisk analyzed it.  Apparently the file was encoded in MP2  format.  MP2 format is not supported by the Sansa Clip.  This explains why it will play on the PC and possibly some other media players.

mp2… ok, now thats funny… wish i wouldda thought of that

First, 18E and 18A firmware updates are *identical*. I don’t know if location-related settings do exist elsewhere but in the firmware binaries, though (could be hardcoded somewhere in the device or maybe the .bin filename matters *sigh*).

Back to the topic: I experienced some blocking .mp3 files: in fact, some .mp3 w/ specific ID3 “Genre” tag codes (79 for instance) did block the “database update” process, I had to remove the tag. It was hard to determine what was the issue, I’m not sure if some Genre codes are blocking or if it was the ID3 tags that were broken in some way, anyway, removing it did solve the problem.

What I’d suggest is trying the .mp3 w/ no ID3 (v1 or v2) tag at all, and if it works, try to re-introduce them.

Hi sansafix,

thanx for the effort to analyse the file and finding out the reason for not playing on the Clip. So it’s really not an error on the Clip side firmware. It’s just the wrong encoding of the file.

Sorry for any inconvenience!

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