San disk Clip Sport

I recived as a gift this MP3, first week of june, and the first time I charged the battery every thing worked well. But after a second time I charged the battery, the only thing I can get is the radio and the language is in chinese and I can not get the featue  to change it.I tried all the suggestions I read in the forum, but no luck. Hope you can help me.  Merci beaucoup.

The most simple method to fix the problem is to reinstall the firmware.

La méthode la plus simple serais la réinstallation du micrologiciel.

There’s a way to «blindly» navigate through the menu (described somewhere on this forum), but I would try the above, as it also makes sure to get rid of possible issues which may have lead to this situation.

How do I do this? Merci again.

Copy this file to the root directory of your Sport; then disconnect it from the computer. Then wait for the player to do the update automatically. Turn it on again. Under «Settings»/«System settings» make sure not to choose «Europe», otherwise the volume would be limited.

Copier ce fichier dans le répertoire de base du Sport, alors déconnecter de l’ordinateur. Attendre pendant que le baladeur fait la mise à jour automatiquement. Le mettre en marche de nouveau. Sous «réglage»/«paramètres système» veiller à ne pas choisir «Europe», autrement la puissance du son serais limitée.

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How do I do this? Merci again.

And just for your general knowledge:  the latest firmware, and the instructions on how to apply it, are contained in the firmware sticky thread at the very top of this forum. 

Well I saw that at the very top, but it is written for SANSA

OUF! I finally made it. Every thing is back to normal. Thanks a lot.

Great that you’re up and running again.  And yes, the firmware is written for SANSA–you hava a SanDisk Sansa Sport player.

Great that you’re up and running again.  And yes, the firmware is written for SANSA–you have a SanDisk Sansa Sport player.

Great that you’re up and running again!    :)     I’m not quite sure what you mean when you write that the firmware is written for SANSA–it is the firmware for your Sport player, and is intended for the consumer to apply, as/if needed.

I will try to explain. When I cliked for the 1.22 firmware released at the very top of the page, I reached the page where I can see ; SANDISK SPORT FIRMWARE1,22 DOWNLOAD AND INSTRUCTIONS INSTALLATION. Then on the second line I saw ; FOR SANSA  FIRMWARE UP DATER. This is why I got confused. But, now after having done the download I realize that this download applies to a San Disk Clip Sport as well. Hope you understand that I am not too familiar with all the new technologie…at my age.

One more time MERCI BEAUCOUP for your precious help.

Sansa is SanDisk’s name for their line of mp3 players.

Sansa reminds me of salsa.

I hate it when people call Sandisk “Scandisk”.  :)