I've got so many problems with Sansa Clip Sport !

Hi guys! So I just bought a new Clip Sport to replace my broken Clip Zip. Visually, i think it looks cooler than Clip Zip, but then i found out so many problems with this thing, though i have updated the lastest firmware (1.18) (Sorry for my bad English since English is not my mother tongue):

  1. Why doesn’t the clock display on screen like Clip Zip? 

  2. The “Music” part includes only songs from Internal Memory, but not songs from Memory Card (this part in Clip Zip includes both). Therefore, whenever I want to play those Memory Card’s songs, I must move to the “Card” part, which is quite inconvenient.

  3. Transfering 10-20 files at the same time from computer to Clip Sport may be OK, but when I want to transfer at least 40-50 files, IT ALWAYS CRASHES and my Clip Sport just ejects itself from the computer. I’m pretty sure that my computer’s fine.

  4. When choosing songs in Clip Zip, I offen double press the “home” button so the first letter of the song would appear and then I just press “Up” or “Down” button to choose songs faster. Well, no more this function in Clip Sport :(.

So you guys know how to solve these problems? Please help me!

And will it get better in the next firmware update? Thank you!