Problems with Sansa Clip Sport Solved!

 So, I was having some problems with my recently purchased Clip Sport. For example, it was very finicky about the cable and port combinations that I used to transfer files to it. Combinations that worked flawlessly with all my other mp3 players and usb devices would cause the Clip Sport to lock up, which would require me to reset the device. And to add insult to injury, port/cable combinations that would work at a given attempt would not work a second time consecutively. So my mp3 player was forcing me to play musical ports ‘n’ cables.

 Then of course there was the problem that the interface was often slow slow slow! And furthermore, I could not seem to find a “Play Previous” function so that, if I was listening to a playlist and then decided to listen to the radio, I could not simple use the “Play Previous” function to resume listening to the playlist from where I left off.

 I installed the firmware update but that solved and improved nothing. At all. Not even little bit. But luckily, I gave the matter some thought and was able to devise a solution that solved all of these problems! And it turned out to be so easy!

 Here’s what I did: I took the Clip Sport back to Best Buy and got a full refund! And then I took that refund and used it to buy a Clip Zip with which I am very pleased.

 Problem solved!

 : )

A very big ;).