Constant Freezing

I am really dissapointed by the new Clip. My original Sansa Clip was bulletproof. My Sport is bigger, has less features, and most annoyingly it constantly freezes. It freezes when I unplug it from my computer, or when I’m trying to power it on. Sometimes holding power and back for 20 seconds will boot it up but sometimes it just lights up the screen and nothing else happens. I’ve done all the normal steps - used the menus to reset it and format it, reloaded the firmware - and it’s still just as unreliable. I tried emailing support, but they clearly didn’t even read my email, just send me the generic “reload the firmware” message.

I’m getting ready to run it over with my car. Any suggestions before I do?

My rare freeze-ups occur when I forget to use the “Eject” command on my PC and when I try playing audio files with DRM (digital rights management), such as wma or aac files.

Have you tried formatting it? Sometimes that wil cure issues not corrected by other means.