Sandisk Clip Sport and the "beta" firmware, why?

My clip zip broke recently and i got myself the new clip sport.

Besides the larger screen and the longer battery life, this player has some major issues and is not as good as its own predecessor.

Please Sandisk, fix these issues, since all of them are firmware related!

  1. No hold function 

Why would anyone release a SPORTS DEDICATED player without an holf function? When i put the played in my pocket i always accidentally skip on tracks - even if iam not running / cycling just walking around. And no, i dont want to use the clip. This is also requested by many people. Please react.

  1. Clock feature without clock display

I consider this a “bug”. Iam able to setup the clock but there is no way to display it. On my old clip zip the clock was displayed on the track-playing-screen. 

  1. No “Play All” (folder after folder) function on Top-level especially in folder mode

Only “Shuffle” - sansa clip had this feature.

Man I always wanted the clock feature on the san disk clip sport