A new firmware must be released


I have been using a SanDisk Clip Zip for a couple of years and it has been excellent. The other day I bought a new SanDisk Clip Sport. Since I was so happy with the Clip Zip I thought the newer Clip Sport would be as good as the older MP3 player. But to be honest - I am really disappointed about the Clip Sport!!! Not regarding the hardware but the software.

The software of the Clip Zip is far superior than the current vesion (1.29) of the Clip Sport!

I will give some examples which have to be fixed in new firmware release ASAP:

  1. Why does the Clip Sport list and play files in random order??? The Clip Zip displayed (and played) the files and folders alphabetically. The same behavior has to be implemented on the Clip Sport!
  2. When you press the Back button the Clip Sport often returns to the top level in the menu system. Why? When using the Clip Zip it was more logic (i.e. the Back button always let you go back one step at a time).
  3. I do not live in an English speaking country (I live in Sweden) and in many countries (like Sweden) the alphabet is not the same as the English one. For instance, in Sweden we have three additional characters (lowercase: ‘åäö’ uppercase: ‘ÅÄÖ’). My old Clip Zip had no problems with file names using those characters but my new Clip Sport completely ignores files with Swedish (or any other foreign) characters in the file name. Why??? This has to be fixed immediately!!!

I have really loved my Clip Zip and if the above can be fixed, the Clip Sport could (should) be as good as my old MP3 player.



You should probably just buy an mp3 player that had the features you want. I doubt the sport will be getting many firmware updates.

Unfortunately, the Sport will never have the capabilities of the Clip+ or Zip, due to its physical engineering limitations.   :frowning: