Faults and wishes for the firmware

Maybe it would be good to make a list of bugs and wishes for the new firmware.

Maybe someone from SanDisk will read and iprove new fw.

I have been using Sansa Clip Zip mp3 player for many years. Really good equipment. I have been using it for many years with original firmware. About year ago I flashed FW into Rockbox. There is no better mp3 than Sansa Clip Zip with Rockbox.

About SanDisk Clip Sport, this is my second. On first, after some time the battery fell, very warmed up when charging. Sandisk exchanged without any delay for a new one. Excellent service!!!

SanDisk Clip Sport has better sound, much better battery, the battery life is really impressive, but firmware is drastically weak.

  1. Why external memory is treated differently than internal memory??? Incomprehensible.
    eg. in Books can’t see books that I have on microSD.
  2. If you have few volumes of one book the same title then is better to operate from folder instead of changing Album name in Tag ID3v2, but unfortunately mp3 player don’t save last position in .pos file. Why ???
  3. Why I can set date and time, but I can’t see it at least time on taskbar. Someone from helpdesk explained to me that I can go to settings menu, then time and … woow I can see it. Amazing.

Limitations 2000 for internal memory and 2000 objects for external memory, Embarrassing, 500 for audiobooks. Who designed it? Certainly not an engineer.

Sorry but if we could use 32GB microSd card and mp3 player have 8GB =40GB summary, so one mp3 music file has ~5MB so totally mp3 should manage ~8000files or even more??? We have 21 century, people travel to the moon, maybe soon to Mars but mp3 player has a limit up to 2000 files. Shame.

The above are obvious faults.

Below wishes:

When using mp3 for listening books will be good to add bookmarks in addition to save last position. Specially useful when listening before sleep.

Small but useful, looked at from rockbox. It would be nice to add a quiet sound as you forwarding or rewinding, such a gentle ticking.

Forwarding and rewinding could start slowly and then speed up and at the end of the track/song/book slow down.

Sandisk Clip Sport is good, small, long battery life, good sound, clips, very good price but SanDisk did not show off with the firmware. Even old sansa clip zip has better FW.