remember track playing

My wife and I both have Sansa Clip + players, mine purchased about a year before hers.  When I turn mine off  and then turn it back on, it remembers what track was playing and it picks up where it left off.  Hers will not do this.  Please tell me there’s a way to allow her player to also remember what track she was listening to (so I can have mine back;-).  Thanks. MM

Yours (in the hands of your wife) is what should be happening. You might try reformatting her player (move any user content you want to save to your computer, first–the reformat erases the user content) and see if that helps; it often can. (It’s under the System settings on the player.) You also can try manually reapplying the latest firmware to the player, in case the firmware has become corrupted–see the firmware upgrade sticky thread at the top of this forum. (Note that the firmware upgrade will not erase user content, as the reformat will.)

Many thanks!

Did it work? And was it the format or the re-application of the firmware?