Registering product and warranty

Bought a Clip+ about a month ago and love it. I thought the disc included had something to do with registering the product but as far as i can tell it’s only the Rhapsody software. So I’m wondering if i need to do an actual registration somehow in case of something happening to it during the 1 year warranty or will my ‘receipt’ from Amazon work as a record of when i purchased it? I’ve also avoided doing the Sandisk device set-up that keeps popping up every time i go to sych in WMP either my own cds or a mp3 that I’ve bought from amazon. I’ve passed on doing this device set-up becuase it seems to say it will then automatically synch the whole playlist and there are some songs on there i don’t want ‘automatically’ put on the clip+; so is it ok to pass on this set-up or does this also maybe have something to do with registering the clip+ with sandisk or is there another reason why i’d need to do this for instance to then be able to subscribe to rhapsody if i wanted. If i do the set-up is there a way for it to not automatically sych the WMP playlist?

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You can easily register your new Clip+ with SanDisk on this page. Look for Register Your Product (lower right), click the link and create an acct. Great if you ever have problems that necessitate replacement under the warranty.

I would reject WMP’s offer, and instead go for the ‘manual sync’ option. Or better yet, forget WMP & syncing altogther and just drag & drop the files you want from your computer to your player.

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Thanks Tapeworm, clicked on the link and registered clip+. Appreciate the help!

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Did you ry the link in the post 2 above yours?  Look at the right on the webpage linked to–there’s a registration box/link.

Click on "Register Your Product " and your done here.