how can I know if the player is refurbished?


I just bought a Sansa Clip+ 8GB and I really like it. However, although the seller claims it to be brand new, I suspect that it may be refurbished. Is that possible? And if it is, how can I make sure if it’s new or not?

I’ve seen refurbs with “R” or “REFURB”  engraved in the back, but if it’s not likewise permanently marked somehow there’s really no way to be sure.

Why do you suspect it’s a re-furb?

where did you buy it from?

Was there lightening when you purchased it?   :wink:

Thanks for replaying. I’ve been using the player almost all the time for the last few days and it works fine, so I guess I shouldn’t have worried :slight_smile: I asked because I found out there have been instances of the shop where I bought the player selling used and refurbished stuff and claiming it to be new so I wanted to know what to accuse them of if the player turned out to be faulty. But everything seems to be fine :slight_smile:

You should register your player with Sandisk.   There is a one year warranty for U.S. residents and two years for Europeans.  If the player is found to be defective in that time period, you can contact them again for a warranty replacement.  The hardest part of registering the player is reading the tiny, almost microscopic serial number on the clip+.  lol

You can contact Sandisk Tech Support or call them at 1-866-726-3475 in the U.S.  It’s usually easier and faster to call them.

Sounds like you were looking for problems that weren’t there. Glad it’s working OK.

Definitely register it with SanDisk for warranty protection should anything go awry. In the future, if you think a dealer and/or shop is doing anything hokey or under-handed simply don’t give them your business (or money). There are plenty of reputable businesses out there. The bad ones will either change their ways or be starved out unless people continue patronizing them.