A bit confused here, need ideas


Want to say hi! first :slight_smile:

I am planning to buy a Sandisk mp3 players, but I am just not sure which model to decide. I am sure that I didn’t like the resolution of Zip. Fuse+ looks way better. Anyways I have 2 questions to ask.

1-) I am living outside of USA, planning to buy the mp3 player via ebay. They sell new ones, and refurbished ones. I read on another thread that, 3rd party company refurbishes the Sandisk’s mp3 players as manufactured refurbished as a result devices won’t be good as new ones. Is that correct? Should I choose refurb or new one? Or both of them is like almost same? There is 10 bucks of difference, so not sure if I should try refurbished, or new one.

2-) I am confused between clip+ and fuse+. I read a lot of “bad” reviews about fuse+, sluggish, pretty bad navigation, and lots of other complaints. But tbh device looks pretty cool, but I am worried about the comments. Some people say latest firmware managed to fix most of issues, so device is not bad anymore no more extreme problems and so on. But some other people say that it’s still problematic, and nothing is changed. Some people say fuze+ is great and another person says it sucks.

I am not sure if Rockbox (it’s not stable or fully completed yet) or latest firmwares (no one is sure if any new firmware is coming or not i think) will fix this issue. 

So I am at the point like, take the risk, buy it and hope for navigation and other issues to get fixed OR buy trusted old style non problematic clip+ and enjoy the music. What would you recommend about it?

My main use will be listening music (ofc), making playlists, and putting some podcasts in it. So screen will be more like seeing cover photos and fancy menu.

Thanks a lot for your help!

Just my opinion . . .

1.) Buy new. Re-furbs are a crap-shoot. With a new unit (especailly for only $10 difference) you get a factory warranty; US - 1 year, EU - 2 years. Sandisk is very good about replacing defective units. Not so with re-furb dealers. 30 days is sometimes all you get, maybe less.

2.) If it’s between a Clip+ and a Fuze+, I’d get the Clip+. It’s a great little player. I prefer it over the Zip, and many people have had issues with the Fuze+.

@bonjurkes wrote:


My main use will be listening music (ofc), making playlists, and putting some podcasts in it. So screen will be more like seeing cover photos and fancy menu.


Welcome to the forum!  :smiley:

For the main things that you want, the clip+ can do it and do it very well.  While having album art and a fancy menu is nice, in the end, it’s all about what comes out of the earphones-- the music and podcasts-- isn’t it?  You can’t go wrong with a clip+.  :smiley:

 My thoughts exactly, I have 2 of the clip+ units and love them. as for as lookin at the screen, I don’t,  —1 of them is mounted on my motorcycle when I ride,— I’ve put 50s-60s music on it so it will last a long time, 624 songs . as for as new and refurb I would go with NEW,  

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