I have an old sansa Fuze+ (about 5+ years old).  I really like the Fuze (except for it’s innate instability), but it’s days are numbered.  The battery is very weak and I have to charge it every day.  I would like to get a new Fuze or Fuze+, but they’re discontinued by mfgr. I’d appreciate any advice on what to buy.  I bought one of the discontinued clip+'s and it wouldn’t charge…sent it back to Amazon.  If you have suggestions, please reply.  Thanks.

You could get a refurbished Clip Zip on Ebay for around $30. normally I don’t suggest refurbs, except when new ones are over double the price.

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I agree. Thanks.

How about a refurb. Fuze or Fuze+?

How about this one?

Don’t know where they’re getting their pricing. Clips at Microcenter, brand new, are only $49

Well, this one is $43.99.  Are you sure you looked at the right on…the one on Amazon?  Sounds like a good deal doesn’t it?

Here’s what I found on ebay

$96 for a refurb Clip Zip??? 

How about a 4GB refurb for $30?

Yeah, it does sound ridiculous, but I need at least 16 GB (8GB player and the 8GB SD card).  I’m not paying

$96 though.  Don’t really know what to do at this point…don’t like the idea of buying a refurb.

Clip Sport at Microcenter - new for @$50. They have a sale on Samsung 32gb Micro-SDHC @$20

So $70 for a new Clip Sport and 32gb card memory.

Make sure that whatever card you get for a Sandisk Clip Sport is class 4 or slower, as Sandisk players often have issues with cards faster than class 4. 

You could get a Clip Sport 8GB and a Sandisk 32GB class 4 micro SDHC retail package card with free US shipping for around $63 from B&H. If you choose a 4GB Clip Sport, it is around $9 less. 

Many will prefer to get a refurb Clip Zip though, as the Clip Zip supports Rockbox. Rockbox will not run on the Clip Sport or Clip Jam. Rockbox is a free alternative firmware that runs on some Sandisk players. It has many features that the Sandisk firmware doesn’t provide. I have Rockbox on my Clip+ and Clip Zip.

Rockbox has a very large database capability. Some people use Rockboxed Clip+ or Rockboxed Clip Zip players with 64GB or 128GB micro SDXC cards(formatted as FAT32). When running Rockbox, Sandisk players seem to work okay with class 10 cards. That is what I have read. I have only used class 4 cards though on my Rockboxed Sandisk players.

Thanks…think I’ll go for this one.

Why do you need an 8GB player? You could get a 4GB Clip Zip for example, put Rockbox on it, and put a 32GB card in it(or even a 64GB or 128GB card formatted as FAT 32). A Rockboxed Clip+ or Clip Zip can access a huge database of songs. Without Rockbox, the Song limit on a Clip+ or Clip zip is around 8,000 songs. The internal memory is integrated with card memory into a single database on the Clip+ or Clip Zip.

The clip Sport and Clip Jam though have separate databases for card memory and for internal memory, and each is limited to 2,000 songs. There is no rockbox available for the Clip sport or Clip Jam.

My Clip Sport has a 16GB card in it, as I reached the 2,000 song limit with around 13GB of music on it.

I use 256kbps mp3. If your average song length is large than my songs are, and you use 320kbps mp3, then you may be able to make better use of a 32GB card and still stay below the 2,000 song limit for card memory.

What is Rockbox?