What should I get?

I have an older version of the Fuze (8GB).  I had it in my backpack, and it broke.  It turns on and off, but I can’t hear anything and all I see is static.  I want to get a new one, but I really loved this one!  I don’t want a really fancy MP3 with everything you can imagine on it.  I want something relatively simple, but capable of at least 16GB.  I would also like to get one from this brand, if possible.  Any suggestions???

Go to Ebay, and get a used Fuze.  They will take up to 32 gig micro sd cards, so you can always buy a cheaper one with less built in memory if you wish.

There’s the Clip+, basically a smaller version of the Fuze: expansion slot, FM radio, etc. You could put a 16GB card in the slot.


If you’re used to the Fuze, the smaller screen of the Clip is not as comfortable and it’s monochrome. But it is the same kind of simple music  player.

People aren’t loving the Fuze+, with its touch screen.

They should call the Fuze+ the Fuze Minus.  What junk!