Help with Which to Buy

I’ve been looking for a sweet deal to get my brother a player.

$20.00 = 2GB Clip Refurb => free shipping, currently available

$30.00 = 4GB Clip Refurb => unknown shipping, unknown availability, online site’s reputation unknown

$49.94 = 4GB Clip+ New  => free shipping, currently available

$55.59 = 4GB Fuze New  => free shipping, currently available

Is there going to be a Fuze+?

There’s a current online deal on the 2GB Clip refurb for $20 with free shipping.

That’s tempting!

Amazon has the 4GB Clip+ for $49.94 and the 4GB Fuze for $55.59.

The $5.65 more for the Fuze over the Clip+ gets me a bigger unit, bigger screen and no clip.

Is it that much bigger and is that a plus or a minus?

The original, refurbished, 2GB Clip can be had for $20 and the 4GB for $30 or $40 at various deal sites and online retailers.

The $19.94 between the 4GB Clip and the 4GB Clip+ gets me video capability, better firmware, better build quality and NEW over refurb.

The $20 2GB Clip refurb is black with free shipping.  Black is a desireable color. 

There may or may not be a current $30 deal for the 4GB Clip refurb in silver. 

Silver is not as desireable as black. I don’t know about shipping, the rep of the site or if the deal on the 4GB silver is currently available.

I think it is available.

Are the Clip+ and the Fuze the same animal except that the Fuze is bigger, has a bigger screen, video capability and no clip?

Is the overall difference in size between the two enough to be of concern?  I’m guessing, no.

I’ve read that the clip on the Clip and it’s earphone jack are somewhat fragile. 

I’ve read that the Clip+ now matches the Fuze in quality of build.

I’ve read that the better firmware in the Clip+ is a great improvement over the firmware in the Clip.

I believe I read sometime ago that the Clip+ would accept RockBox firmware but don’t know if that’s turned out to be true.

I believe I read sometime ago that RockBox would be made available for the first Clip. 

It’s Beta was available for download and working for endusers this past Spring. 

It was expected to move from Beta to Official Release by the end of Summer or the end of this year.  

I currently have an OLD 1GB Sansa sort of mini-coke-bottle shapped player.  Does e200 sound right?

I also have an e270 refurb (6GB, accepts memory cards) that I haven’t used yet.

I suppose a method to carry, clip or otherwise attach an MP3 device to one’s person is a plus.

I used a carbiner to clip the case of the coke bottle shaped model to me.

I’ve purchased a case with clip and a case sans clip for my e270 but have yet to use either.

All advice is greatly appreciated.


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You know, it so much depends on how the player is going to be used. 

If you never use video, you may not need the Fuze, although a larger screen always is handy for navigation and many like the Fuze’s navigation by wheel (absent from the Clip players).  But then, if you don’t use video and want the ultimate in portability, the Clip/Clip+ is the way to go. 

I think it also depends on how much memory space you need/want.   If you just want to use the player for temporary storage and are happy moving files on and off it, even a 2gb player and a lesser expensive Clip might meet your needs.  Having said that, note that for non-great deal Clips, the Clip+ can be the same price as a similar Clip (or sometimes even less), or just a bit more.

If it was for me and I didn’t care about video, I’d get a 8gb Clip+, with the ability for future expansion via a microSD card and the possibility of future firmware upgrades (but never count on that …).   

As to whether there will be a Fuze+ as there is a Clip+, probably not, as the Clip+ is really just a refined Clip with a microSD slot and enhanced firmware, both of which the Fuze already has (and its build already is pretty refined)?  But the Fuze folks will know better. 

And comparing the Fuze with the Clip+, note that the Clips don’t do video at all–it’s not just that the Clips’ screen is small.  On the other hand, the Clips have their built-in namesake clip, which the Fuze doesn’t have–you would need a case with clip for that.

And now I’ve probably made things more complicated for you …

The Fuze has longer battery life than the Clip+(20 hrs vs 12 hrs for typical use).

The Fuze has a scroll wheel, while the Clip+ has just buttons.

The Clip+ is much smaller and lighter than the Fuze.

The Clip+ has a built in clip, which the Fuze lacks.

The Clip+ has a standard mini USB connector, while the Fuze has a proprietary connector.

I have both the Fuze and Clip+. Which is better? If you want a tiny player to clip to your shirt and tend to let albums play through, then the Clip+ is better. If you want longer battery life, or tend to often hunt for individual songs, then the Fuze is better.

I think my brother would prefer the larger screen.  I don’t think he has any need for video. 

It seems that the Clip+ features now rival the Fuze except in screen size and battery life.

The larger screen size of the Fuze necessitates an increase in overall size which could be a plus or a minus to the user.

Since the Clip+ features are now so close to the Fuze, I thought there maybe a Fuze+ around the corner.

I really like the memory expansion capability.

I was disappointed that my OLD Sansa didn’t have it.  A previous model line to my old one did have a memory card and cardless version but I could NEVER find the card supported version in-stock locally.

I’m glad to see memory expansion’s return to inexpensive models.  

When I checked, AGES ago, I think most Sansa’s were between 10 or 12 and 22 hours.

I think most real-life results back then put the best around 18 hours of use.

I’ve yet to charge my e270 and my coke bottle model took one AA.  I never calculated the hours but it suited my needs.

Does the wheel actually move 360’ or a quarter turn mechanically or is it a touch sensitive sort of thing?

My e270 has arrows opposed to a wheel.  Note that I haven’t used it.

My OLD e200(?) has tiny arrows that weren’t a problem.

I think the wheel would be cool for my brother.

I’ve got to get to a store to check it out.

I’m thinking the Clip/Clip+ is too small.

I’m thinking the bigger screen is better for navigation.

Money is a factor at this time.  That’s why the $20 price tag caught my eye.  I also like deals. 

I think I paid $45 including shipping for my e270 refurb a year or two ago.

I’m assuming all three models have the same sound quality. LOVES the sound quality of the Clip over $300 models.

Barring what’s in my wallet at the time and all units being the same GB in memory size, I think I’d choose the Fuze over the Clip+ over the Clip.

The memory expandability of the Clip+ and Fuze make them more attractive in a low onboard memory model over a larger onboard memory model Clip.

The Clip’s frailty is of some concern but I’ve also read that it’s no more frail than most offerings in the market.

$20 is just such a sexy tag.
I wouldn’t want to get my brother something that didn’t pan out well for him.

$20 (I don’t have) saved now could go towards getting him a Fuze later.

I’m out of work.  If I get a job, cost wont be a factor … just bang for the buck could, maybe, be had in a refurbed Fuze.

If I get a job, I’ll get him a new Fuze.

If I don’t get a job soon, I’ll still try to come up with the money for a Fuze.

If things don’t pan out for me, I’ll give him my e270 or I’ll try to get him a $20 Clip Refurb.

Sorry to preach poor mouth.  Times are tough these days.  I never thought I’d be in such a state.

Answering a couple of your added questions:

Yes, the Clip+ has improved firmware over the original Clip.  It adds folder navigation, near gapless, ReplayGain capability, current/next track info., and faster screen scrolling, among other things.

Rockbox currently is being worked on for the Clips (and the Fuze).  Almost certainly will come to the original Clip first before the Clip+ (and possibly the Fuze before that).  It currently will work, in a development build, on the Clip v1 (the first hardware version of the Clip; there are 2 hardware versions), but can freeze up.  Hopefully this can be corrected and a finalized version will issue, but there never are “guarantees” with Rockbox and there is no schedule.

If your brother just wants to grab a small player on the run, the refurb. 2gb Clip at $20 may be a good deal.  But again, no video with it, and it navigates by ID3 tag, not folder (the Clip+ adds folder navigation), and further firmware revisions for it are unknown.