Regarding my 16GB memory card


I am mohit from India. I purchased a memory card (16GB) of your esteemed company in august 2012.

I am using an Android phone. The card worked fine till last month, but well, since a month, it has seemingly got problematic.

Its ‘unmounting’ n ‘re-mounting’ itself automatically many times even in a single hour, throughout the day…

Its mostly is ‘unmounted’ with my computer as well as phone not being able to read it.

It gets read automatically sometimes, so i was able to backup my data.

But, its really troublesome to know, that the product works fine, just that it works for a couple of hours a day.

i formatted it n formatted it again. still its having the same issue, with many times not being able to get firmatted as well.

i havent ever used more than 9 GB of the 16 GB space og the card.

Would be grateful, if u can help me out here… I love ur products, hence i am on my way to order one rightaway.

but, please help me in this issue… i would really love this problem to be rectified n enjoy endless metal-music as well as share files with my buddies…

I have misplaced its packet, so i cant really tell u the details, but its got a ‘4’ inside a ‘C’ on its body. Plus its written Micro SD HC… and when i look at it carefully n under a lens, i see some serial no. on it (engraved on the memory card body)-


(Im not quite sure about the D before G. Its looking like O too. N about the last 0. it looks kinda like O too :stuck_out_tongue: .

But mostly Im correct in my observation n hence the above mentioned serial seems correct to me.)

Thanking you in anticipation.


Mohit Kolhatkar.