Any hope? Brand new 16 GB card not working - semi pro needs his images for an art review board!

I recently bought a 16 GB SDHC SanDisk card that I am fairly certain I have take some pictures on.  I tried to pull images off of it using my USB reader and the computer wouldn’t mount the drive.

When I put the card into my Canon S90, I see ‘Memory Card Error’ - 'Card Locked".  I have tried several different card readers to no avail - and RescuePro Deluxe appears useless if the computer is not able to mount the card.

The s90 can handle SDHC cards by defualt - so I am assuming the card (serial # BL1108021585G) is suppossede to work right out of the box - or did I miss something and is it common to have the errors above on a new 16 GB card before taking a formatting step?  There is a very small chance that  I tried this card in the field, got the error, and used another card and don’t remember, but I highly doubt it.   If someone tells me that it is impossible to record images on this card without formatting then maybe I will re-evaluate, but remember taking ALOT of GOOD PICTURES on this card.  Grrrrrrrr.

What is my next step? This card is BRAND NEW (Less than two weeks old) And I have some professional quality images on it that I want to add to my portfolio.  SanDisk - Please advise.   I hope you will make good on your product and especially my artwork. 


if the card is not recognized by multiple devices then it is likely bad and would need to be replaced. while it is pretty rare for these thing to fail it does happen sometimes and generally (with any electronic product) it will fail in the first 90 days of use. if you ahve important data you would need to send it to a company that provides data recovery services. once you get the card back from them you could contact sandisk support for warranty claim.