16GB card - brand new card won't read images on PC or on camera

Shot some images on a brand new ExtremePro 90MB/s 16GB disk. Everything was working great. I could view them on the camera and was ready to transfer images to hard drive. Put the disk in reader and a pop up came up asking to format. I clicked canceled, went to home> computer> the drive and the images were unviewable. I tried to view them again on my camera and upon turning the camera on, it said cannot create folder. Then when I tried to view images it said ‘no images’. and the viewer which normally has the image counter said CF FULL. What is going on? My other cards worked fine and my camera is only 2 weeks old. Please help! Need these images for my company. Thank you!!!

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Look at my message under San Disk Extreme Pro SDHC UHS-1.

I am having the same issue - have had my Droid X for a year with a ton of photos on it.  Then in late December 2011 suddenly and without warning, the phone is signaling that I have no memory card.  And no photos and lost everything saved on the card, (evernotes etc.).  Computer shows an empty drive.  Asks “do I want to format”.  I don’t know what to do.  16mb Micro SD card.  Any possiblity of recovery?   

Your friend’s card has probably never been formatted. This eventually leads to errors. After your friend downloads the pictures onto another computer, your friend should then format the card using the format selection on the camera.

Hi, i usually read images by an image viewer.I think you can create an image viewer  too.That would be more helpful for you.This is my favorite image viewer.Hope to help you.