I recently purchased a nikon d3200 dslr along with an extreme 16gb card. I have been using the equipment for around 2 months with no problems.

This weekend I was taking a video of my daughter having her first proper food, after the event I tried to view the vid on my camera and it came up with a message saying the card was damaged and to insert a new one! My wife was beside herself as this was really important to her.

I tried the card in my laptop and it wouldn’t recognize it, tried in my ipad card reader and it wouldn’t accept it, even tried in in my TV as it has a card reader and it opened the first 13 photos but no more.

I ended up formatting the card and using the recover pro soft wear to get all my pics back but the video wont play and now my camera will accept the card but when I take a photo it wont let me view the pic on the camera.

Any help would be much appreciated as I need to use the camera this coming weekend and can’t afford to be throwing another thirty quid at a new card. …