16 GB extreme SD-card stopped working - I really need the photo's on it

I was  taking photo’s and filming with my Nikon D3100, when suddenly - after finishing filming something (1min) -  everything stopped working. My screen went black and started ‘loading’ (which never stopped). When I turned my camera off, the green light kept burning and it wouldn’t turn off completely. I first thought the problem was my camera but when I put the card in my friend’s camera (D5100) the same thing happened. With her SD-card (16 GB, ultra) everything worked just normal.

I took my photo’s in RAW-format, so it is possible that the disk was full, but why doesn’t it open anymore? When I insert it in my laptop, it tells me that I have to format the disk, that it cannot find it. Same thing with Mac and my dad’s laptop.

I don’t want to format it, because I really really need those photo’s and films - it’s my schoolwork and I just spent an entire weekend at the sea to finish it. Infitine love for whoever helps me with this! Thank you!


Probably have a better chance of a reply if you posted in the correct board. This one is for SSD’s (Solid State Drives). You’re missing your target audience.  :wink: