Sandisk 16GB Extreme Class 10 up to 30MB (Faulty?)

Bought an 16GB Sandisk memory card for my DSLR from Amazon . 

Used to take about 30 photos, then put card to laptop to cut pictures. All done i forgot to do the “safe remove” and just removed the memory card. Then i reentered the card to DSLR and took 2 pictures and then fast shooted 5-6 more. Then i tryed to preview them and saw 2-3 pictures and got an Memory Card Error. 

After that cant access the card either in laptop nor DSLR. Cant format in either aswell. In PC at computer management getting error : the request could not be performed because of an i/o device error

Is the card faulty or did i mess it up? 

Had the card for 2-3 months on shelf. Got new DSLR today and sooooo angry at myself that cant use it anymore.