CF Ultra 16GB -- Err 02 - cannot read card -- during a wedding shoot


I am hoping someone could direct me to the right solution.

I recently purchased a 16GB Sandisk Ultra card (the newer 30 mb/s model) when on a trip in NYC.  I had 3 8GB Ultra cards and wanted a bit more room.

I shoot with a Canon 7D on the 1.22 firmware.

I was using the card with no real problem for the first few times.   In late August, I was out shooting with a friend and got an ERR 02 while shooting.  The error shows that “the card cannot be accessed”.

I turned my camera off, removed the card, put it back in, turned the camera back on. 

Everything was fine.  I thought it was just an odd glitch.  Technology, ya know, stuff happens.

So this past weekend, Sept 4th, I was shooting a wedding.  I was using the same card.  It was about 10 GB full (wedding prep, arrival, beginning of ceremony shots on there).   I get the ERR 02 message again.  Without time to fuddle around, I switched to another card.

When I had free time, I put the 16GB card back in my camera and all but the last 30 pictures could not be displayed.  The LCD gave me a “image cannot be shown” message.

Totally stressed, I put the card away, finished the day.  When I got home, I put the card back in the camera, connected it to my PC and managed to copy over all the images.  Nothing was lost.

But I question the quality of the card I bought.  I searched online and I got mixed messages from firmware issues with the 7D, 7D tech issues, card issues,… not sure where to turn.

Thoughts?  Next steps? 



since you have had a few issues with the card i suggest contacting sandisk and ask for a replacement. the card has a lifetime warranty so you should be ok. just let them know that you have had a few issues and you dont trust the card. if you see similar issues with the new card i would suggest having the camera serviced.