Reformatting the Sansa E200 V-1 Series

This is what I did to my Sansa e260:

  1. Turn the switch at the top of the unit to “Lock” position.
  2. Hold the “Record” button on the side of the unit and plug it into the USB port of your computer.
  3. Windows will show a 16MB partition on the Sansa E260, so go to NotePad and create a blank text file and rename it “sansa.fmt” and copy it to the 16MB partition.
  4. Disconnect the unit using the safe way to disconnect a USB drive.
  5. Turn on the Sansa E260 and the reformatting will begin.

Now you’re on your way. 


I have done all that a few times .

Last time I did it , I tried to re-format and it ended up 5 minutes later saying something like " “Out of Memory” " free "memory " .

My problem started when I tried to install a 2 GB micro SD.

To quickly delete the  native memory,  I either deleted or re-formated through window OS .

Ever since then the c250 shows approx. 1.7 GB and "My Computer " shows sansa c250 but with no memory .

I have tried to reformat through USB = Auto Detect and “My Computer”  and USB = MSC through Disc Management .

No success .

I would think the c250 memory dead but it shows up, it just doesn’t have and memory . It always shos 0 KB .

I think I deleted a boot record and need to replace it , but I am only guessing .

Maybe switching drive letters ?

I welcome any advise !


I posted somewhere else but here is a copy :  ------

I don’t know much about computers.

The problems are greatly varied but my problem was answered by below:

Instead of entering “Recovery Mode”  I was referred to a website that told me how to go into “Diagnostic Mode” .


Put “Lock ON”  ;

Hold down “Down Button” and then hold down “Menu Button” both at same time .  *** THIS IS DIFFERENT THAN RECOVERY MODE . *****

A bunch of options will flash through the screen .

I just released the “Menu” button and then the "Down " button for lack of anything else to do .

It showed some options I didn’t need .

But then I Pushed the 12 o’clock  =  “Up” button and it gave the option to Re-Format !!!

I followed instructions to Re-Format which was to push the 3 o’clock button =  “Next/Forward” button to start Re-formatting .

Within a minute it was done and had brought up the Language Selection prompt  !!!

I checked the settings for system info for the memory and it was right on the money !!

I made sure USB = Auto-Detect .

I  turned it off and hooked up to the Computer PC and it recognized the c250 in Windows Media Center .

I transferred a playlist to test it out .

Everything works fine !

I have Windows 7 64 bit OS

Sansa c250 MP3 player  .

I hope I help some people out !

Thanks for the contributions to forum .