Recovery Sundisk Ultra SDHC 32Gb

Hey. The card  Sundisk Ultra SDHC 32Gb does not work. When inserted into a card reader (tried different), windows 7 asks to format the card, in the format offers Fat and 30.6 MB. Her a lot of pictures. How to save data? I can not find a suitable program - they do not see the flash drive. Help!

The dread “memory card is not formatted” error message generally indicates card problems. This can occur for many different reasons including a virus infection, memory card problem, power surge, or problems with the operating system. If you receive this type of error message, it is important that you act carefully to keep your important data safe.

  1. Do NOT click “Yes” to format the card in case that the formatting process makes things worse.

  2. Do NOT attempt to write anything new on this card in case of any data loss.

  3. Download data recovery software to help you. There are many data recovery tools out there. But, no all of them could be efficient and useful enough. You should pay much attention to opt for a proper one.

But, if you still cannot make decision, you can firstly take chances with some card data recovery freeware like 4Card Recovery, Recuva, iCare Data Recovery Free and TestDisk.

  1. Do not save or back up all the restored data on the same memory card in case of any data loss.

  2. After the data recovery process, simply format this card to see whether it can work functionally as before.

In the future, you should learn a lesson to save all important or useful data at least on two different drives or memory cards in case of similar troubles.

Too bad, dude. Your card is completely dead. Go to the retailer and get an exchange there.

For recovering deleted, lost, formatted photos, video and audio file from SDHC card. You will require a perfect third party application. Such applications are made with advance technology that extracts every bit of data for storage media.

You must read this post and follow the instruction provided for easy recovery - Skill for Error SDHC Card Data Recovery!