recharging sansa connect suddenly becomes extremely slow? (as in 6 hours or more to charge)

Recently, my sansa connect has become extremely slow to charge…has anyone had this problem and solved it? 

I started recharging at around 4:30 pm. Currently it’s 11:39 pm and it’s still not completely done yet. I also suspect that it’s running out of batteries faster (can’t be certain here), so it could be just leaking energy or something (don’t know how to phrase that).

If no one has experienced this, then would anyone recommend buying a new charger and testing that out?

UPDATE: it’s 12 am and it’s still not completely done with recharging :( 

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UPDATE: ok…my player is definitely losing leaking battery life. I have it on the lowest settings (monitor 5%). yet I listened to like 16 songs and half of the battery bar is gone. That means there’s nothing wrong with the recharger. The next chance I get, I’ll copy all the songs in my mp3 player onto my computer, reset the mp3player and wipe everything to see if that works, and reupload all the songs into the player. Unless someone has a better idea and actually post something? I’ll update here if anything changes 

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