sansa clip+ wont charge correctly

my sansa clip+ has been acting weird lately. when my battery runs out and my sansa automatically shuts down, i just go charge. it takes about an hour to get from 0% to about 65%. but after that, it slows down the charging process a lot. in 2 hours it will only go up about 10%. is my computer marking the battery level incorrectly? also: in order for my computer to “refresh” the battery level i have to unplug the usb and plug it back in. any tips would be appreciated, thanks

That’s the way they are supposed to work. As the battery charge level increases, the charging circuitry in the player slows down the charge amount being accepted from the source until it’s just a trickle. This way it doesn’t generate too much heat build-up which is detrimental to both the player and the battery itself.

And yes, if you are connecting in MTP mode you can see the charge level on your computer. But it does not update unless you un-plug and re-connect. For that matter, you might as well check the info screen on the player if you want to need to see an actual battery level percentage. But you still have to dis-connect from your computer to see this.

I believe though that if you use an AC-UCB charger this info is available to you even while charging. I’m not sure if it updates in real time however.

Note, also: the Clip+'s battery gauge is known to be a bit wonky (that’s the technical term for it, I hear :wink: ), not quite showing the real amount of charge and sometimes not showing a full load when there is one.