Recall for extreme pro 4TB

is it true that emails were sent from sandisk to all resellers this week, regarding sandisk extreme pro 4TB? All the resellers pulled it off the shelf in the USA, and some sell it for more than 50% off.

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Super interesting, I just received my SSD 4tb from best buy and it started to lose files just poof gone, nowhere to be found…!.. Im about to lose my mind!..

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Looked like my picture files were moved in Lightroom to my new SSD Extreme Pro 4TB. Today …poof they are gone! Anybody else having this problem?

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I loaded video and picture files from interviews to the 4TB drive and had ~3TB used and now the drive is available, but it expects me to “format” the hard drive before I can use it. and SAnDisk is not open on Weekends… so I have to wait till MONDAY. I have had it for 45 days…

Is this Mac or Windows out of interest? If Mac, what format have you gone for?

I got the same problem. I bought a 4T hard disk and put files of more than 2T in size, and suddenly everything was lost.
Everything, I can no longer restore my files, and I can no longer watch the disk
I almost lost my mind. I tried, searched, and contacted technical support, but nothing. All solutions are in useless
My files are lost
And all I will get is my money only
my work and my files, no one cares
Yes, it is a big mistake that I bought this type of disc

Hi @Ba77ar ,

Thank you for contacting Customer Support regarding your issue with your 4TB SanDisk portable SSD. We are very sorry to hear that you are experiencing an issue with your product, and we remain committed to quality and reliability as our top priorities.

We will be more than happy to replace the affected product under the Warranty Replacement Policy. Warranty | Western Digital

exact same problem!!! are there any solutions???

someone please help me!!! my ssd 4T now says untitled and all my folders are gone… what is going on… it was brand new… is there anyway to get back my photos???