New firmware was released for the 4TB Extreme Portables?

I just read that SanDisk released firmware updates to the 4TB SanDisk Extreme and/or Extreme Pro portable SSDs (SDSSDE61-4T00 and SDSSDE81-4T00 respectively), but am not finding them anywhere on their site.

Have they reached out to anyone with a link?


I believe you will find that on the official site of WD. Here’s the link to it.
Though I’m waiting for the update release for the 2 TB one. My data is completely gone and no recovery software was able to find it. Somehow, Stellar was able to show me the preview and now I am thinking whether to invest in it or not.

Eagerly waiting for It and treating the drive very gently until it arrives. I haven’t seen a release link yet. Any way to decode the manufacturing date?

I’m assuming that’s where it will be once it is up there. Because it’s not there, that why I was asking if anyone had been sent a link.

… and a sad hahahaha on me… it died today while idling. Disk utility and Disk Drill can see the partitions, but they aren’t mountable. Guess it’s going in the sock drawer util the promised firmware update arrives.Even then, from extensive reading, I believe it probably won’t magically restore everything and will be just a reformat. I might be able to pull a few files I somewhat care about from it using disk drill at some point. Who knows. Guess I could use it as a 4tb scratch disk if it ever works again. I’ll never put anything I remotely care about on it. That’s an absolute. CHEERS!

Ugh… Awful… Sorry to hear that.

Same here. Disk failed mounting and recovery from this point is impossible. I’ve opened a request to SanDisk asking for some release date and am still waiting for the answer.

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My ill will grows by the day. So much for urgency regarding fixing what appears to be trash drives that should have never been released. Amazing situation and will never be forgotten by me.

Here’s the firmware update information link

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I have no trust in this 4TB SadDisk :frowning: I’ve been using it as a scratch disk till I feel I can trust it. But why pay this amount of $$ on a drive that repeatedly loses data and needs to get formatted. I’m glad I didn’t put anything I didnt have a backup of on it, but at the moment I cant work on a rush video project because I have to re-download my files from the cloud. Give us a proper response SandDisk.

I’m on a Mac. APFS, 2 partitions. Disk won’t mount. Disk drill shows the partitions are intact. Can this updater be used… in other words… when I get to a friends pc… will it mount there and will I be able to unlock my data? I want my data back.

hahahahhahaaaaa… never mind… my serial number says my drive hasn’t been impacted and the update isn’t for my 4tb extreme pro. I guess it’s just a dead POS. They really need to come cleaner and recall all of these and refund everyone. What a huge fiasco. Let’s keep track of all the other users with dead drives that the magical firmware update doesn’t apply to.

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It says mine wasn’t impacted, either! I’ve never seen a company allow itself to destroy its own reputation like this one. This feels very avoidable, with at least recognizing the issue and trying something remotely reasonable to regain the trust of customers, or maybe they are actively looking to get out of the hard drive business? Regardless, this is a terrible way to do it.

I had the exact same thing, got a new 4tb drive, put my photos albums since 2014 on it… I have so many photos and videos from my family including my dad when he was alive, now I connect it and the only thing I see is a ‘‘lost+found’’ folder… I’m not sure what to do, I was happy when I saw about the firmware update but when I put the serial number it said this one is not affected… What a joke.

Chiming in to say that my 500GB Extreme Portable SSD also isnt working. Seems like its the same problem with the 4TB drives. Will there be any firmware update for these smaller capacity drives?

Hi, the latest firmware can be downloaded from here.

My case was I bought the 4TB Sandisk Extreme Portable SSD to save the recovery files from my Toshiba 2TB HDD drive. The process of recovery run on Disk Drill went perfectly fine to the finish line. However, as I noticed the file paths was not recovered, I gotta try a more usable recovery.

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Has anyone tried the serial number check tool on the website?
It says my disks are not affected, but just out of curiosity I made up several serial numbers and all of them said it had not been impacted, so I don’t know if the tool is accurate.

Here’s where to check the SNs

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we should all file a legal law suite against WD