Read Only Files

Hi all,

I just received my Sansa Express 2GB device and I love it so far.  The only thing that I’m having an issue with currently is I transferred some mp3s to my device but didnt realize that the folder and to contents were read only.  Now on the Sansa Express, I have read only files that i cannot get rid of.  I tried to delete them and it tells me “The folder is a read-only folder… Cannot delete folder: The storage is write-protected.  Remove the write protection and try again. [SKIP]”

I’ve looked through the Settings on the Express but there is nothing about write protection.

The Hold lock is not on.  When i connect the device to my XP machine i do not get a drive letter but i just get a connection called Sansa Express, to which i can transfer files, and if i right click on any item in the internal memory and do a properties, both the read only and the archive are greyed out and unchangeable.

How can i remove the write protection and remove those files off my Sansa Express? 

Any suggestions or ideas?

Thanks in advance.

Tom Cusick

The easiest fix is to just format the player and retransfer your files.

The Format option can be found under Settings. 

Is this your way of saying there is no other way of getting the read only files off my sansa express?

The files aren’t read-only; the Express doesn’t do anything like that.  This is the result of some type of error or disk corruption.

You can also look up how to force the player into MSC mode, check the disk for errors through Windows, and *then* delete the individual files by hand.  Formatting is just much quicker and easier.